Skuon, the Spider Village is the Last Place You Wanna Go

Vang Chia Koua

2017 January 04

Flickr/Paul Mannix

Have you ever visited the Cambodia? Have you ever tried any strange or terrifying dish? This article will introduce you to a small town in Cambodia which is known for a "heaven of the eight-legged monster", this is Skuon. Located 75km from the center, when visiting here, fried spiders are the food you SHOULD taste. However, if you have Arachnophobia, this town will be a nightmare for you because this creature appear just anywhere in the streets.

Fried spiders seem to be a famous food in this region that it attracts many foreigners when they are passing through this town. The dish is served in the famous street named Spider Town in Skuon. The people here dug up the spiders from the holes in the villages, or catch them in the forest, and oil fried them.

There are no clear evidence about the first existence of this food. But some people say that it started during the Khmer Rouge period due to shortage of food. When the Pol Pot’s communist government destroyed the South East Asian countries, the people here had to leave the area and went into the suburbs to start a new life. Due to the lack of knowledge about growing crops, everyone started to starve. And that forces the people in the Skuon town to survive by eating the spiders which surprisingly stays until now.

Another saying is that this part of the country is full of spiders, to the extend that one may ended up on your head. So to solve this problem, the people in this town start making them into a snack.  

On the streets, you can easily find vendors displaying bowls after bowls of spiders to attract their customers. The spiders are very crispy after being fried. It is cooked along with herbs and is eaten with the noodle or rice. The taste is quite bland, with a mixture between chicken and cod. Not to mention, the outside of the spider is crispy while the inside is squishy-ly soft. The legs of the spiders, though contained only a little flesh but is the most delicious part and recommended part to be eaten. The abdomen of these criters consists of organs, eggs, or even the excrement that are advisable not to eat.

Although you may spot some difference in each of their appearance, only if you could, the taste are still the same. However, some people may find themselves wanting to throw up after eating this. 

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