Essential Beginner's Tips to Enjoy the Amazing Mount Bromo

Muhammad Yanuar

2017 May 08

Indonesia has many beautiful places you have to visit, and one of them is Mount Bromo where thousands of travelers from around the world came to witnessed this breathtaking view. And if you are not yet one of them, maybe now is the time for you to come.


Time will be the main factor to consider. In order to get the best sunrise, pay attention to the weather condition, sunrise time and the time that you should at least be at the top. It is advice to postpone your visit if it's the rainy season.


Don't forget to also prepare some warm cloths to face the freezing temperature where it can go as low as 0 degree Celsius in the night. 

Bromo boasts to have the best sunrise and you just have to witness its magnificent piece of work. 
If you are staying for a little bit longer, you'll get to see the splendor of the mountain, starting from the top of Bromo mountain, Batok and the great Semeru. 


Continue your adventure by exploring the sea of sand at the foot of Mt. Bromo. This place is known as "pasir berbisik" (whispering sand), because as you go through it, you'll hear a whispering sound by your ear. 

Personally seeing the Bromo crater is a must-do activity here. Before that, make sure you keep some of your energy as you will need to conquer 250 steps to the top. But, I guarantee your weariness will be gone instantly once you see the magnificent view from the peak. The beauty of the crater is accompanied with the background of Mount Tengger and Mount Batok that offers one of the best scenery you can see in the world.


And what makes Mt. Bromo more interesting is there are tons of instagrammable spots for a selfie or wefie such as Teletubbies hill, Tengger tribe's holy temple and the savanna. Also, there's an opportunity to explore the mountain with horse riding, or using off-road jeep that will make your Mt Bromo experience even more exotic.

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