Unique Close Up Wildlife Experience in Ocean Park Manila

Yob Rivera

2017 January 05

Since its opening on 2008, Manila Ocean Park have been a favorite local attraction in Manila. It’s an oceanarium located Manila, fronting the bay area. It offers one of a kind experience by letting visitors interact with marine wildlife and witnessing many other marine species from all over the world and some 300 that are indigenous to South East Asia.

 To date, it is the country’s most visited world-class marine theme park that features 9 awesome marine exhibits. Some notable of which are the Oceanarium, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Encounter with Sting Rays, and Birds of Prey Kingdom. All park exhibits can be visited in a day and can be enjoyed by “kids of all ages.”



Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park’s most famous attraction, is divided into seven sections and its main feature is the 25m walkway tunnel. 14000 marine species including rays and sharks can be seen through the tunnel’s glass walls which makes it seem like an underwater exhibit. It is really a must when visiting the park.Photo by Manila Ocean Park


Jellies Exhibit

Another exhibit that park visitors like most is the Jellies Exhibit. It is a room with large glass tanks filled with different species of jellyfishes. The highlight of this attraction is the lighting color changes as jellyfishes gently swim inside the tanks. A cool experience that the family will surely love. Photo by Flickr/hungry josh Follow


Sea Lion Show

The Sea Lion Show is the most entertaining attraction at the Manila Ocean Park. Staged at an amphitheater, sea lions perform tricks in the stage, swim and jump out of the water for an entertaining and fun 20 minutes. A close encounter with marine wildlife can also be experienced as the trainers pick audiences for a kiss from the smart and cute sea lion stars of the show.  


Ray and Sharks Encounter

Another close encounter attraction in the park is the Rays and Sharks encounter. Park trainers assist in encounters with rays and the park’s friendly sharks. Photo by Flickr/Paul David


Birds of Prey Kingdom

Birds of Prey Kingdom is where guests can walk inside the aviary where the sea eagle called Brahminy Kites fly around you. Birds inside are used to people and guests can get upclose experience with them, just be careful because there talons are really sharp and long. Photo by Flickr/Budiman Salleh


Manila Ocean Park is one of the most advanced ocean parks in South East Asia, which offers a one kind a kind experience to tourists in the heart of Manila. The park is open daily from 10am-6PM. Tickets can also be reserved online and be purchased at the park entrance. Book tickets early especially on holidays as it could really crowded during these times. For more information check their website here

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