Ban Mai Market: The Century Old Market in Chachoengsao, Thailand


2016 December 27

Ban Mai Market(Picture by M.morgan) 

Here we are again in another article, how are you my lovely readers ? This article I'm going to drive you back into time and visit one of our old market in Thailand where you can enjoy the culture, seeing the folks life and taste the best food. Let's go!

Ban Mai market(Picture by M.morgan)

Right now we are at Ban Mai Market, a 100-year-old market in Chachoengsao Province. What is so special about this place and what do they have for your short passing that you must visit? Here is reason why you shouldn't skip this place in Chacheongsao province.


It's soul of classical living before 90's

(Picture by M.morgan)

Ban Mai market is an old market which lives through a century by the immigrant Chinese. The immigrant started their life with selling in this area, living their life peacefully together with the local residents. Around 1987 this bustle community started to be lifeless. The new generations moved away to began their life in Bangkok City. But every down must comes up, the new generation people return to live up their hometown again around 2005 and it became well known as a historical market in Chachoengsao provnince.


Evironment around this market

(Picture by M.morgan)

One side of this market is Bang Pa Kong river where you can enjoy the view of the river and folk life.

Bang Pa Kong river(Picture by M.morgan)

There is the dude who enjoy his best day on his boat.

(Picture by M.morgan)

Ah~ This place is also pet friendly as you can see by looking at this cat... 

(Picture by M.morgan)

Not only cat but people here are kind too, and don't miss taking a shot with this cool guy who costumed as an old Thai soldier.


Great appetizers

Here you can find many Thai stuff that you've never seen before, some that I don't even know they exists! You can also find some dishes here which originated from this province.

(Picture by M.morgan)

Start with our first dish, Thai people call this "Koeytiew", a fresh and yummy hot soup noodle which you can eat according to your taste by adding more sugar, chilly, fish sauce and etc. This is about 35 baht or 1$, if you order this with a sparkling drink or water, it still doesn't cost more than 50 baht or 2$.

(Picture by M.morgan)

Rice and dishes steamed in lotus leaf. I have not tried this but I think it must be delicious.

(Picture by M.morgan)

If you are a fan of duck meat, coming here will not disappoint you. They have various kinds of duck dishes such as rice with duck, noodle with duck or just a duck. Cost is around as 40-50 baht.

(Picture by M.morgan)

You probably don't know that I was born to eat, and the last place I have been to was here, "Sam Mae Klua". It's located in the middle of the market. Here you can order general kind of food, and I ordered "Fried pork with Basil or Pad Kra Prow". 

I've to pause here for a minute... Because I can't move anymore..


Thai Sweet

Ok now I have to move and continue on my food hunting journey again, and now it will be something more light, the sweets!

(Picture by M.morgan)

Here is our first sweet, roasted banana which are flatten by pressing it and grilled. At the time of consuming it, topped it with some brown syrup.

(Picture by M.morgan)

This is Thai classic ice cream, where they put Coca-Cola or any kind of sparkling drinks in it, shakes it and ready to eat! The best dessert I had in my life is THIS!

(Picture by M.morgan)

This is Toddy Palm Cake or Kanom Tarn made from flour, Toddy palm, sugar and etc. It smells good and taste sweet, you definitely should not miss this!

(Picture by M.morgan)

Now, the Chinese pastry or moon cake in a smaller size, they comes with various kinds of stuffing on the inside such as salted yolk or beans.


Souvenir time

You can find many kind of souvenirs ranging from food to goods and toys in this market.

Hand made ban mai(Picture by M.morgan)

Hand made slippers by a raw materials that came from this area.

(Picture by M.morgan)

Don't worry about UV or rain, you can also get a hand made umbrella here. And I couldn't help getting one for myself. 

(Picture by M.morgan)

If you are bringing you kids here, well, you gotta watch out for your wallet. It is a heaven for them! There are many toy stores especially some classic handmade toys which can only be found in the 80's or 90's.

  (Picture by M.morgan)


Where and how to visit

Located in Banmai Chachoengsao, you can take transportation from Bangkok by Van from Ekamai Bus terminal to Chachoengsao bus terminal. It costs only 100 baht.

After that, take a shuttle bus to Ban Mai market. Or Tuk-Tuk, if you prefer.

(Picture by M.morgan)

I will end this article here with this sleepy fur-ball! Stalk me for more of my articles!

(Picture by M.morgan)

Enjoy :)

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