The Ramen Pizza: Where You Can Have Both in a Single Bite

2016 December 12

Doesn't it sounds like heaven when I said you can eat both your favourite ramen and pizza at the same time without feeling overloaded?

In Hokkaido, there is a restaurant called Menkoiya in the city of Ebetsu, uses the locally produced ramen brand as its crust for only 450 yen for a medium sized pizza and 650 yen for a large sized pizza.

Unlike the usual pizza, the ramen pizza is without tomato sauce. Though, it served with lots of cheese topping. 

According to RocketNews24, the ramen pizza is topped with a generous amount of corn, to make it look more Japanized. They even recommended adding a few dashes of Tabasco, which is a common pizza condiment.

For those staying around the area who are having a hard choice choosing over pizza or ramen as a meal, head to this restaurant to fulfill both of your desires.

Restaurant information
Menkoiya / 麺こいや
Address: Hokkaido, Ebetsu-shi, Oasa Higashi-cho 13-48
Open 10am - 5pm (Closed on Sundays)

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