Siem Reap is More than Just Angkor Wat – 5 Other Temples You Should Visit

Max Teo

2017 September 08

Many of you have probably heard of Angkor Wat, but do you know that there are other majestic, beautiful temples that surround the area? The truth is, the other temples can give an equally unique sighting, but unfortunately they do not happen to be as popular.


This article gives you a quick tour on the five other temples you should visit besides Angkor Wat.




Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm


The closest to Angkor Wat stand two temples named Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. Many tour operators tend to group Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom as a part of Angkor Wat, but it’s just a trick to get your leave fast for the coming of next tour groups.


Both these temples have their own style of architecture. For instance, Angkor Thom, which was the last capital for the ancient Khmer empire, is built with a huge stone-made gate accompanied by a perfectly preserved “Terrace of Elephants”. Sound great for a small visit isn’t it?




Beng Mealea


The next one is the avatar film set like Beng Mealea. This temple area gives you a more pre-historic feel, as the area is covered with mostly moss, shrubs, and grass that have grown around the buildings for years. Nature has been allowed to reclaim this area over the centuries, so it is perfect those who like going around untouched antique buildings.  




Bayon Temple


Bayon is another temple worth your visit around the area. It features a massive piece of architecture, which a large carved Buddha can be seen on the main spire of the temple.




Phnom Bakheng

Not too far from Bayon Temple is Phnom Bakheng, a less crowded spot but equally worth your visit. While some part of it is damaged and might not look like a great addition in your camera album, it is far less trafficked making it an ideal destination for those who want avoid crowds. Watching sunset from Phnom Bakheng seems like an activity that you shouldn't miss!


Besides from the mentioned names, there are hundreds more temples that surround Angkor Wat, but you might not have the time to visit all of them unless you have plenty of time in Siem Reap. So the advise is make a list of the ones you want to see the most and give yourself enough time to decide.

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