Unity In Diversity - 9 Unique Cultures of India

Pradip Kar

2018 April 16

The Indian civilization and society has achieved lots of acceptance everywhere in the world. The culture is appraised as the very attractive culture of the planet. People of dissimilar traditions and cultures residing here are socially dependent on each other and alive of powerful unity in the diversity of faith and worship. In India, all kind religious people reside with great freedom from disturbance.




1. Family Systems


Numerous regions of India apply the joint family system in which expanded group of the family members reside together. There is a civilization of observing regard to their elders. At present, people like to reside alone for the formation of a nuclear family system is the process through which becomes different in the occupation.




2. Languages


In India, there are many languages, containing Sanskrit, which is one of the ancient languages in the globe. Hindi language is frequently used in our country. Each region has own methods of communication and people love to talk in their own (mother) language.




3. Indian Dresses


Clothing technique in India differs between regions of our country. A conventional section of clothing for men is an undo the stitches of cloth (known as dhoti). Men are also wearing a kurta (loose shirt). Saree is the most popular dress for females of the Indian civilization.




4. Indian Jewellery


Jewellery is a main attachment for every female member in India. Dressing jewellery has a tradition for a long time in India. The distinctive designs and creative views of Indian jewellery represent the Indian civilization and society.




5. Ways of Greeting - Namaste


Indians have a practice of oscillating heads while speaking. The sign of the Namaste welcoming is also a section of the Indian civilization. People salute each other by speaking “Namaste” while connecting their hands.




6. Touching feet of elders


In India, younger exhibit significant feelings of deep admiration to elders. Younger people touch the feet of the elder person every day after the state of being a wake up and particularly on the festive moments or prior to beginning a vital job.




7. Foods (Cuisines)


Indian foods are distinguished by smell with spice and an extensive array of components. Not only in smell, but also in the technique of preparing food, cuisines are completely distinct from the other regions of the planet.




8. Music


Indian Music is used in various expressions which survive from the origin of civilization and society. These are unavoidable components of the Indian civilization and society and a section of human life. Music is usual throughout activities or events celebrating a special occasion.




9. Dances


The conversation on Indian civilization would not complete if we do not talk the different kinds of classical and folk dance in our country. Folk dances are mostly executed in any event like carnivals and social occasions. The most fashionable Classical dance structures are Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Kathakali etc.

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