Betutu, the Tasty And Super Spicy Dish From Bali

Muhammad Yanuar

2018 February 20



Exotic beaches and all traditional ceremony with high aesthetic value make locals and foreign travelers will never get bored with Bali. Moreover, the culinary diversity also become other interesting attraction because it has different and unique taste.


And if you decide to take a vacation in Bali, one thing you must do is to hunt for local foods. One you should try is the Betutu, either chicken or duck.


Basically, betutu is a boiled duck or chicken dish with spicy herbs, such as ginger, galangal, turmeric, onion, lime leaves, and the main condiment is chili. This herbs combination called 'bumbu genep' by locals. An authentic Betutu has to be spicy.


And to make sure the dish spice well, the duck or chicken will be cook with special treatment. The duck or chicken will be boil together with 'bumbu genep', plus water and coconut oil. This will cook with small fire for hours so the herbs can permeate into the chicken or duck.


To spice up the flavour, the Betutu will be served with sambal matah and plecing kakung.


Sambal matah is a complement brew to eat chicken, duck or a fish dish, served raw. Imagine this dish as a spicy delicious salad!


And plecing kangkung is a boiled kale, served cold and fresh. Usually, plecing kangkung will be presented with an extra vegetables like bean sprouts, beans and maybe urap.


One of the outstanding restaurant that serve this dish is Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk. This restaurant have six branches throughout Bali, which is at Tuban Main Road, Kuta Main Road, Merdeka street, Kediri Main Road, Buluh Indah street and Denpasar Main Road.


At the Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk restaurant, Betutu is served with plecing kangkung, sambal matah and fried beans. You can have two option to enjoy it, but if you want to enjoy the authentic taste, Betutu with sauce is a better option than the fried one.


How much it cost? Almost as cheap as others Indonesian street food. For one whole Betutu chicken, plus plecing kangkung, fried beans and sambal matah, you just have to pay about Rp70,000,-, about 5 dollars.

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