13 Things To Put on Your Bucket List in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Adrian Chew

2018 March 20



What better way than to start the second month of 2018 with an extended holiday. If you do not have anything in mind or can't decide where to go, look no further than Aktobe. It is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Kazakhstan. This is because of its rich historical sites as well as the unique cultures of different ethnicities. From the famous mausoleum of Eset Batyr, a Kazakh war leader to Monument of Akhmet Jubanov,  the city is an ideal holiday destination for couples, families with kids and solo adventurers. 



1. Abul Khair Khan Monument


One of the most amazing monument in Aktobe is the statue of Abul Khair Khan. The locals remember him as the fierce warrior and the leader of the Kazakh Little juz throughout the country. Abul Khair Khan has fought many battles between 1723 and 1730. Among the well-known battles were the Battle of Arakay as well as Battle against the Zunghars. 


Do not miss this unique tourist attraction while visiting Aktobe. After all it is a huge monument and you can snap as many pictures from different angles. Find your way to Abulkhair-Khan Avenue and you will notice a statue with a warrior on a horse. It is conveniently located near the city's park. 


Address: Abulkhair-Khan Avenue 40, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Duration: About 1 hour 




2. Nurdaulet Mosque


Next, Google your way to the Nurdaulet Mosque at the heart of the city center. It is one of the largest mosque in Aktobe and you do not want to miss the stunning architecture of the entire mosque. Do not be surprise when you at the mosque compound. The building is connected to a shopping mall called Nurdaulet. So, tourists and visitors get to visit two attractions at a same time.


Completed in 1999, there are a House of Rites and madrasah within the Nurdaulet Mosque. Be amazed by the magnificent domes of the mosque. In total, there are 4 domes to admire. On the first floor of the mosque, you will come across imam rooms, main prayer hall and madrasah. When you reach the second floor, you will see rooms for the mosque's servants, rooms for women as well as an additional prayer hall. 


The colour of the Nurdaulet Mosque is also striking and you will be able to see from far but it is best to have a closer look. 


Address: Abulkhair-Khan Avenue 46, Aktobe 030019, Kazakhstan 

Visiting Hours: Non-prayers time only. Non-Muslims need to adhere to the dress code

Duration: Around 1 hour 




3. Kargala River


There are so many rivers throughout Kazakhstan. It is not just a main water source for the locals and industries in the city area but also a popular points of interest. Have a look at the picture above and you will be awed by the majestic view of the Kargala River. The trees, the crystal clear water as well as the wildlife in the surrounding area will indeed attract you to come here. 


The rivers flows through Ilek River near Aktobe city and get ready your camera and capture as many photos as possible. Kids will also have their fun day near the river. 


Address: Aktobe Region, Kazakhstan 




4. Aktobe Central Market


Do you know that Kazakhstan has numerous large outdoor bazaars. Most of it can be found in nearly all cities in the country. Although bazaars are common in most countries around the world, the one in Aktobe is a rather different bazaar. Look for Aktobe Central Market while in the city area. Most locals will usually come here to buy their groceries. 


Do not worry if you can't find the local market as you can ask any of the locals for direction. If you are with your tour guide, you can ask him or her about the famous bazaar. It is one of the oldest bazaar in the country. Ready to shop for your souvenirs or get some local snacks to enjoy, then you need to head over to Aktobe Central Market with your entire family. 


Address: Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Kindly refer to your tour guide 




5. Aktobe Regional Planetarium 


No visit to Aktobe is complete without taking a tour around the city's planetarium. Constructed in 1967, Aktobe Regional Planetarium is the one and only such planetarium in Kazakhstan. It served as one of the major educational tourist attraction for students and kids up to present day. 

Take your time with your kids while in the planetarium. There are plenty to see and learn while in the planetarium. If you want to know more about astronomical phenomena, this is the ideal place to do so. At the planetarium, there are about 7,000 equipment, slides and tools for everyone to use, see and learn about astronomy etc. The colour of the building itself will rather attract curious tourists as they might think that it is a historical house or amusement center but it is actually a planetarium. 


Address: 50a, Ulitsa Zhankozha Batyra, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Kindly refer to your tour guide




6. Baltika


Wondering where you can have a game of pool while on vacation? You are in the right place and you just need to look for Baltika, a billiard club in the city center. A good place to mingle with locals, enjoy your game and get a feel of nightlife in Aktobe. 


Founded in 2005, be ready to not just enjoy your day but also grab some drinks while at the club. Why not try Baltic, a range of exclusive beer available at Baltika. It is highly recommended among locals. Take a look at those billiard's table above. It will get you going on a perfect vacation. 


Address: 8b, Abukhair Khan Avenue, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Refer to your tour guide for details




7. Eset Batyr Mausoleum 


There is another Kazakh war leader you need to know while touring around the city. It is none other than Eset Batyr. He is one of the most recognizable war heroes among the locals and influential in most of the Central Asia Region. If you want to know more about Eset Batyr, visit his mausoleum in Aktobe. 


Batyr Eset Kotibaruli was the leader of Kazakhs' national liberation movement. He is not just an ordinary war hero but also an outspoken and fierce warrior that stands up against oppression and aggression against local Kazakhs at that time. Eset Batyr defeated Khiva soldiers and Kokand soldiers during the war against two of the most influential kingdoms at that time. 


He managed to reach a peaceful resolution with the Russian administration during the post-uprising era. Therefore, Eset Batyr is highly regarded by most Kazakhs as well as those from other countries.


Address: Bestamak Village, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 




8. Monument of Akhmet Jubanov


Do not overlook the monument above while you are in Aktobe. Akhmet Jubanov has vastly contributed to the city and Kazakhstan as a whole. So, locals will normally pay tribute to him by visiting his monument in the city center. The monument is located just opposite the Regional Philharmonic and you will have no problem finding your way.


Opened to public in 2006, Monument of Akhmet Jubanov was built to honour the contribution of the Kazakh composer. Akhmet Jubanov was born in Kosuaktam, which is part of Aktobe region today. He is not just a local composer but an ethnographer, a conductor and a musicologist. That is why locals will come here not just to visit the monument but also to lay down some flowers to pay tribute to him.


Jubanov was also won the State Prize of The Kazakh SSR, National Artist of the Kazakh SSR as well as conductor of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences. A good place to take photos too. Bring your kids along and learn more about Akhmet Jubanov. 


Address: Zhilgorodok, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 




9. Central Stadium Aktobe



Immerse yourself with the football season of Kazakhstan. Cheer the local club while at the stadium. Opened to public in 1975, Central Stadium Aktobe is the main football stadium for FC Aktobe. It is also the largest stadium in the city. At anytime, the stadium can accommodate up to 14,000 spectators. 


It is not necessary to wait for football season to visit this stadium. You can visit the stadium at anytime and admire the unique architecture of the stadium. Of course the local league season is the most happening event and you will get to purchase some football related souvenirs from the stalls outside the stadium. A good place to watch live football match with kids. 


Address: Abulkhair-Khan Avenue 56, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 




10. Aktobe Regional Drama Theater T.Akhtanov



Find your way to the Regional Drama Theater of Aktobe. It is one of the most visited theaters in the city. Named after the local Kazakh drama writer, Tahaui Ahtanov, it is opened to public in 1992. Initially the theater is just known as Kazakh Theater but in 1997 it was renamed to T. Ahtanov. Ahtanov is not just a famous Kazakh writer but also a playwright. 


For the first time ever all performances and shows by Russian and Kazakh acting troupes were combined into one. On average about 40 million spectators come to this theater each year. It is not an outdated theater as it manage to stage a mix of both modern and classical performances as well as shows to draw the crowds. The foyer of the theater, theatrical equipment and hall were refurbished in 2010 to make it looks modern. 


Address: 52, Aktobe Street, T.Akhtanova, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Depending on performances and shows. Refer to website for details




11. Aktobe Regional Museum of Local History 



After visiting various points of interest around the city, you will notice that most of the building be it museum, planetarium or philharmonic have the same blue colour. Even the regional museum above is also painted in blue. 


Want to know more about the city's history, the well-known war heroes that fought for independence, the various ethnicities in the city etc? Look no further than Aktobe Regional Museum of Local History. The museum serves as a major cultural and research center for the city's students, researchers and government. Founded in 1929 by local ethnographers, it is one of the unique building in the city center. From the outside you might think it is a large mansion but it is a museum. 


Guess how many halls are there in the museum? In total there are eight halls in the museum complex. View over 90,000 exhibits to know more about the city and beyond. Among them are photo materials, collection of mineralogy, rare books, decorative arts and many others. 


Address: 14, Altynsarina, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Kindly refer to your tour guide




12. Regional Philharmonic of Gaziza Zhubanova



Wondering what is the building above? Keen to drop by and have a look? Being a curious tourist is a good thing after all and you should go and visit the city's Regional Philharmonic. Do not leave the kids in the hotel room or come to the philharmonic on your own, take them along as well. 


If you are a music lovers, then you will find that the philharmonic is a worthy attraction. Cultural wise, it is one of the most significant tourist attraction in Aktobe as well as in Kazakhstan. Do you know that the philharmonic is named after famous Kazakh composer, Gaziza Zhubanova? Know more about the prominent local composer, contributions and music scene of the country and the city while you are here. 


The main purpose of the philharmonic is to promote local music to locals as well as foreign tourists. A good place to learn the history of the various ethnicities and the different music is by visiting this place. Kazakh world classic and folk music have been around even before war times and it is hard to imagine the city managed to preserve the heritage up to present day. 


With over 400 seats, the philharmonic can accommodate a large number of spectators at anytime. Enjoy the classical music, orchestra, choir as well as dance by local kids and adults. It is a perfect outing for families as well as kids. 


Address: 31, Pobedy Avenue, Aktobe, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Kindly refer to your tour guide 




13. City Shopping Center



Head over to a shopping mall to conclude your Aktobe tour. Curious to find out which is the shopping malls most frequented by foreign tourists and locals? City Shopping Center is not just a place to shop but also a place for everyone be it families, kids, locals etc to relax, play some games and have their meals. 


It is the biggest shopping mall in the city. Before entering the mall, take some snapshots of yourself standing in front of the shopping mall. Then, you can go in and shop for souvenirs, clothing, electronic items etc for yourself or your family members. City Shopping Center appeals to all age groups. Its modern concept on top of its spacious mall, wide range of retail stores as well as cosy atmosphere will make you fall in love with this mall. 


Look around while at City Shopping Center and you will find something that attract your attention. Choose from local or international brands while shopping. The shopping mall is located in a strategic area in Aktobe. There are hotels, restaurants, business centers and tourist attractions within distance from this mall. The pyramid architecture style of City Shopping Center is truly a sight to behold and you will not want miss such magnificent architecture. 


Address: Abulkhair-Khan Avenue, Aktobe 030000, Kazakhstan 

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(10am-10pm) 

Duration: About 1 hour 



Do not write off Aktobe city from your travel list. It is another city of Kazakhstan, you need to visit and broaden your horizon about the country as a whole. The city has various tourist attractions to see and it is best not to miss this moment. It is not just about historical monuments, large shopping malls, different types of theaters and various historical buildings. There are also games for the entire families to enjoy, planetarium that will attract the kids as well as the beautiful nature of wonders around the city. 

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