7 Tips to Maximize Your Staycation

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2018 January 03

Written by: Nigel Ong


Sometimes, we just want to get lazy, and not travel so much. Sure travelling is fun, but sometimes packing, cramped flights, immigration queues can sap out our desire to travel far.


Why not consider a staycation? Stay where you are, find a nice hotel/condo unit, and just enjoy yourself! You can even just stay home and have your own staycation. Here are 7 staycation ideas that you might want to try out this holiday.




1. Unplug your Phones


Turn off your mobile phones and put it away for the entire day to have a more authentic overseas vacation. You don’t want to be disturbed on your holiday, right? So just get rid of your phones for a few days to enjoy your staycation. Well, you might want to inform your family and friends about this beforehand.




2. Aromatherapy


Our sense of smell is really powerful and it connects to our moods and emotions. So light up a candle that ‘smells’ like vacation to you. You can shop for your candles or essential oils at places like Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop or you can make it your own. Light the candles to get your whole room or environment feeling like you are on vacation.   




3. Breakfast in bed



If you are staying in a full service hotel, just pick up the phone, order your own breakfast, and have it delivered to you. Don't mind too much about the money! You are on a holiday ok!


Or... you can prepare your breakfast a day earlier. You can search for a few recipes online where you can prepare overnight breakfast, and have it for breakie tomorrow. Here's a tip - overnight oats, or a good ol' bacon and eggs with coffee can be really amazing!




4. Poolside


Is poolside chill out is something you enjoy doing, this might be a very good idea.


One thing that many people don’t realise is that many hotel pools allow daytime access by paying a small fee. Look up your local hotels that provide such service. Spend your day there by chilling and relaxing by the pool. You might want to bring your own shades, sunblock and a book to read.     




5. Explore your town


The grass is always greener on the other side, and so we travel out from our place all the time. But there are gems at home we never found out too!


Look up at a tourist guide for your city and you will probably find something that you have never done before or even knew it existed in your city. So go do it. Try something new. It could probably be a museum, a zoo, an amusement park or anything that was in your city but you were never aware of it.  




6. Photoshoot session


You don’t have to hire a professional photographer for this one. All you need are a camera and a friend that has some background knowledge about photographing (search online for some photographing hacks and tips). Then you are ready to have a photoshoot session at the places that you have just explored. You can also dress up as if you were on a holiday in another country.




7. Movie marathon


Create some sort of movie watching space by arranging some pillows and mats. You can do this outside your house if you have a backyard to create an outdoor theatre setting. Consider  preparing some mosquito repellent because you don’t want to be the victim of that little vampire, right?


Choose your movies from Netflix, YouTube, Putlocker or any entertainment media. Microwave some popcorns, fried chicken, pizza and get your friends over to have a movie marathon. And if you have a projector, use it for a bigger screen.






Nigel Ong is a Malaysian that enjoys mountain hiking, long walks, and jungle trekking.He is also the co-founder of FlyMe360 Travel & Lifestyle Magazine.


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