Half Day Trip to Thailand's Maeklong Railway Market

The Artist

2018 April 16

Thailand is one of the greatest country to visit especially for its fantastic Islands but even cities like Bangkok are always in the centre of the travellers attentions. If you like markets you must know that Bangkok is mainly about them rather than landmarks. If you stay more than 4 days in the city you might get bored so it is highly recommended to make a half day or day trip to it's neighborhood. 


To make the most out of your half day or one day trip, head on to Melkong Train Station to witness the incredible experience of the train market. What is the special point of "train market"? It's the usual market you will find but to add on a bonus part, you will find yourself walking over a railroad. And no, it's not an abandoned one! It's a fully functioning railroad where certain times a day when the train will pass by!


Of course there will be time for everyone to quickly change the whole set up and from a super packed and busy narrow market to a completely empty pathway that allows the train to pass to get to the station.


Here are some pictures that will make you catch a clearer picture of the scene. 




I cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the food in this market because as you can see even part of the food goes under the train but it seems many people buy everything so, if you are not afraid of the stomach bug, it's definitely worth having some local cuisine here!


There are some very small restaurants and cafe' with great prices where you can enjoy some food here. Very particularly is a bar located at the end of the market where it allows you to sit and drink some great juice while enjoying mighty sight of the train passing. The walls around here are so colorful and are perfect for your best Instagram pictures.



There is also the time schedule of the train hung up in the bar. There are 8 times a day the train will pass through the market, so make sure you're there at those hours to catch it! Get your camera ready and find some good empty spot if you are planning to film a video. Sometimes, some shops are close at the central part of the market, use those spots! It will get very crowded on some days but patience is the key for getting some wonderful shots.


You can get there around 2 hours with mini buses that you can easily take from EKKAMAI bus station which is right outside Ekkamai BTS stop.


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