UV Night Diving in Koh Tao: A Diver’s Paradise


2017 November 20


If you enjoy diving and you’re looking for a unique kind of underwater adventure, you might want to consider heading out to Koh Tao in Thailand. Koh Tao is popular for its excellent diving sites and has attracted many divers all over the world for its pristine waters and beautiful coral reefs. What makes this a unique destination is because it offers a UV night diving.


UV night diving will give you a chance to explore the underwater scene of Koh Tao in a new light. UV Night Dive is also referred to as Fluo Night Dive. Try to imagine swimming your way into a fluorescent and neon-lighted corals while discovering the sea creatures that are glowing in the darkness of the water.




What is a UV Night Dive?


A Fluo Night Dive gives your ordinary diving a different kind of twist. You will be able to experience diving into the unknown with high-intensity blue lights. This high-tech sports device uses a special lighting system that allows you to see marine fluorescence like never before. When a blue ultraviolet light hits the surface of certain species of corals, you’ll be able to witness the corals glow in various psychedelic shades of blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, and red.


Under normal daytime or nighttime lighting, corals usually appear in a dull brown shade but with the use of a blue UV lighting and special visors, these corals will come into life with hues of magnificent rainbows. This phenomenon is called coral fluorescence.   




Prepare to Be Hypnotized


The fluorescent lights will leave you enchanted as you swim your way through the vast reefs under the sea. If you’ve never tried UV night diving before, you’ll be enchanted with the discoveries you’ll find in the deep blue waters of Koh Tao. Prepare yourself as you come across glowing corals, fishes, shrimps, eels, crabs, sponges, and other forms of sea creatures. You will definitely not be disappointed.  




UV Night Dive Tours


There are several diving companies that offer this distinct and unique experience for both locals and travelers. Some diving tours strictly accommodate four divers for every one guide to be able to ensure the safety of each participant.




What you Need to Know Before You Try UV Night Diving


UV Night Diving is available to open water divers who have prior experience to night diving. If you haven’t tried night diving before, there are diving tours that can arrange this for you prior to your UV Night Dive. Most companies who offer Fluo Night Diving usually charge around 2,000 THB inclusive of full diving equipment rental, Blue Light UV torch and visor, boat fee, and a professional dive master.



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