AirBnB is Becoming A Big Deal in Asia

2017 February 24

Apparently Airbnb is becoming a very big deal and it's practically possible to check the renting and house sharing website before going anywhere. It seems that approximately more than 500,000 listings are from the Asian region. 

"At Airbnb, we have created a platform to help people belong. Our host community plays a huge part in exciting and inspiring travellers to have a local and authentic experience", says Parin Mehta, Regional Director of Host and Community, Asia-Pacific. "We see this as a global phenomenon, where people from different countries want to get to know each other, making the world a smaller place." as you can read on TravelDailyNews

There is no doubt that the intention of the platform has always been a great place to provide travelers from around the world with cheap and expensive solutions to discover cities and countries. Everyone wins happy travelers and happy owners.

It also gives local hosts a chance to share the love for their city, along with recommendations and deepen the understanding of different cultures and way of life, adds.

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