Cemetery Restaurant in India Offers Patrons a Bizarre Dining Experience

2016 December 09

In Chinese customs, getting anywhere near the dead is a taboo. However, in Ahmadabad, India, there is a restaurant known as New Lucky Restaurant that let its customers dine with the dead. Too bizarre to be true aye?

Instead of tearing down the graves to build the restaurant, owner Krishnan Kutti chose to preserve the coffins and place seat and tables around them.

Kutti claimed that the graves brought him luck and his business has flourished since opening his eaterie at the site of an old cemetery, which gives customers a unique dining experience.

The owner doesn’t know who the graves belong to, but there were rumors that they contain the remains of followers of a 16th-Century Sufi saint, whose tomb lies nearby. Waiters wipes the coffins with a cloth and decorates them with fresh flowers everyday, paying respect to the death.

Regardless of the unusual dining atmosphere, customers don't seem to concerned about the presence of the dead. They came here for the milk tea and butter rolls, which are said to be died for.

As the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it. Seems that it's not too much of a lemon!

We hope the business will continue to grow!




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