Japan Fried Chicken Chain Launched Girl's Sweat Flavor Sauce

2017 August 11

Tenka Torimasu is a take-out restaurant chain specialized in Japanese-style fried chicken. While fried chicken is common in Japan, Tenka Torimasu make it special by offering a huge variety of sauces, such as wasabi mayonnaise, cheese curry, Japanese plum and more.


Recently, the restaurant chain added a new flavor to their menu, and people are going crazy over it, the girl’s sweat. It is made to taste like the “refreshing” sweat of an in idol singer--a singer in an all-female pop band, Kamen Joshi.


Kamen Joshi member Anna Tachibana, says that this is “the birth of the karaage people have been dreaming about.” Though it may sound unappetizing, the sauce does not actually contain sweat. It is made up of salt, lemon juice and cheese. 


I'm not sure what taste it has, but I'm sure it'll gives a unique flavor one could not forget. According to Kyodo News, the sauce is already on sale but only available until Oct 31 this year. 


So while you're in Tokyo during this period, how about giving it a try.

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