Japan Introduce Special Toilet Rolls Just for Your Mobile Phones

2016 December 23

Tokyo's Narita International Airport has introduced a special "toilet paper" for your mobile phones, while doing your business.


According to Mainichi, the toilet rolls were installed at 86 stalls in seven restrooms at the airport's arrival halls by NTT Docomo, Japanese mobile service provider. 

The papers, which starts with the message “welcome to Japan”, is to build awareness for users that smartphone screens houses more germs, which is dirtier than toilet seats. Users are invited to pull a piece of paper from the dispensers and polish their phone screens.

It also contains information about connecting to Docomo WiFi along with its travel app that provides voice translation option.

"There are more than five times of germs on a smartphone screen as compared to a toilet seat," NTT Docomo said on its YouTube page.

They added that this cleaning tool are made "so foreign tourists can enjoy their travel hygienically".

If you are stopping by Narita airport, don't forget to give your phone a little cleaning before leaving! It will be there until March 15, 2017.


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