The World's First Pokemon Gym in Osaka

2017 June 14

One of the cities that will never finish to surprise you is definitely Osaka. Now, you have one more reason to visit this city. If you are a huge fan or addicted to Pokemon, there is a Pokemon-themed Gym in town! Not only it's a gym, it also houses an entertainment arcade making it suitable for both adults and kids. Food are also available in the gym.


In the Pokemon Expo Gym, there are 3D games that allows you to virtually fight against Pokemon that requires you to move your whole body in order to collect the items in game. Thus, it is called as a "gym".  

There is a floor dedicated exclusively for watching the popular Pokemon animations series, it's definitely a great occasion to spend time with your kids.


The Gym in the anime is the place where you can train your monster, however in Osaka, the Gym is a place where you can interact with them and buy Pokemon merchandises.

In order to get in, you will have to buy the membership card. You can also download the app to automatically update your scores and points in to get special offers or exchange for items in the future. For more information, you can visit the website here.



565-0826 EXPOCITY, 2-1, Senribanpakukoen, Suita

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