El Maiz, Malaysia's Very First Venezuelan Restaurant

2018 January 09

Dear Malaysians, if you are a fan of Vanezuelan food, or even want to try some, head to El Maiz, the first Venezuelan restaurant at Kuala Lumpur!


Located in Klang Valley, El Maiz is a bastion of food with all the allure of true home cooking, also exceptionally warm and welcoming, simple and unfussy.


Fabiana Zambrano, El Maiz co-owner, director and head chef, want to introduce that there is more than tacos, burritos and mojitos in Latin American food.


Zambrano, whos has been catering for a year in Kuala Lumpur and thought it was time to introduce the food of her birth country to her adopted home by opening a restaurant with her husband, Jose Zabala.


She also guarantee that all the food she cooked will be pork and alcohol free, so everyone can try it. And that's also why the prices are affordable.


If you are new to the cuisine, then your journey should begin with an arepa – or three. It is an everyday staple in Venezuela, a versatile pocket made from ground white maize flour, that can be split to house meat, cheese and vegetables. Arepas are a pre-Colombian food, from the Timoto-Cuica people, a multi-tribe group indigenous to the Andean region of western Venezuela.


If you are choosing off the breakfast menu, the basic arepa is RM5 (USD $1.50) and you can add fillings such as pulled chicken curry or scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and red peppers to satisfy your taste!

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