Selangor State to Ban the Use of Polystyrene from 2017

2016 December 27

From January 1 onwards, the Selangor state government enforces the ban of polystyrene packages. You know, when your mom is right again when she kept all the plastic containers. The time has come as you will need to bring your own containers to get food.

No Polystyrene

Vendors found guilty of using polystyrene packages will face a fine of up to RM1,000 and shoppers will be charged a minimum of 20 cents for each single-use plastic bags.

However, certain goods such as raw meat, and flowers and plants covered in sand or soil, loose seeds, live fish or aquatic products will be waived from the charges.

The restriction comes following the new policy set by the state government in an effort to reduce plastic bag usage next year. 

Penang was the first to ban the use of plastic bags, followed by Malacca. Johor and Perak will also implement this ban by June 2017.

This announcement was made at the state secretariat building during the “No Plastic Bag Day” campaign launch. 

The "No Plastic on Saturdays" campaign was introduced by Selangor but extended after receiving feedback that the "once a week" campaign was not enough.

Take note if you are in Malaysia from January 2017. You may need to get a reusable container if you plan to take away food all the time. Remember to carry a bag wherever you go too.

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