World's Longest Water Slide Opened in Penang's ESCAPE Theme Park

2017 December 20

Penang will now offer the world’s longest water slide. Located in Teluk Bahang, ESCAPE Theme Park stepping up their game after it was announced that a one-kilometre long water slide will be built very soon, making it the longest water slide in the world once it’s completed in December 2018.


With estimated to be 1km in length, and in order to slide down it, one must travel 420m by chairlift to the top of a hill. Okay, definitely not for those who are afraid of heights!


According to Sim Choo Kheng, founder of ESCAPE, from the hilltop, people will zoom down the slide which will cross Jalan Teluk Bahang beside a pedestrian link bridge and end in a swimming pool inside our water theme park. The hilltop will also be the start of other rides like the luge (downhill sleds), ip coasters and tubby slides.


This slide will be a part of ESCAPE Waterplay, the second phase of the theme park which just opened on last Saturday (16th December).


Besides traditional theme park rides such as water slides, ESCAPE has activities such as climbing coconut trees and crawling through tunnels.


Their aim is to replicate the fun of our childhood days where we would spend time running and playing outdoors. Therefore, every theme park goer at ESCAPE is considered a kid, even if you’re in your golden years!

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