Are You Ready for VR Technology at the National Museum of Singapore?

2017 October 12

Celebrating its 130th anniversary, National Museum of Singapore will launch a Virtual Reality (VR) technology to attract more visitors on November.


First established as the Raffles Library and Museum on Oct 12, 1887, the country’s oldest cultural institution has undergone many changes through the years at its Stamford Road home.


At the heart of this change is the growing needs of contemporary audiences, who are demanding more from a museum experience.


According to NMS director Angelita Teo to Channel NewsAsia, museums have changed drastically, the demand from audience has greatly increased, it’s not just about an exhibition but a package.


NMS answering those demand by using technological innovations, one of them with virtual reality tech launching in November 2017, with a showcase of VR films. Last year, it launched Story Of The Forest, an interactive installation that featured animated renderings of William Farquhar’s natural history drawings. This was followed by the launch of a new digital gallery and the use of augmented reality.


Teo emphasized that the museum won’t be adapting to new technologies just for the sake of it.


"We want the museum to be a place where people come together," she said.

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