Enjoy Singapore Airlines Fresher-than-ever In-Flight Meals Directly from Local Farms

2017 October 14

Wondering when will you get a fine dining while travelling by plane? Well, Singapore Airlines (SA) ready to fulfill your needs for healthy, tasteful aeroplane meals.


Singapore Airlines is launching a new farm-to-plane concept, that appeals to discerning passengers desire for sustainable fare and helping local farmer.


According to Marvin Tan, senior vice president of products and services, SA want to show ongoing efforts to help reduce carbon footprint and ensure a greener environment.


"While we continue to deliver a quality in-flight dining experience, we would also like our customers to know that we are playing our part in ensuring sustainability," he said, as quoted from Independent.


The airline will use ingredients from local farms in countries that SA flies to, creating menus around local procedure from each route's destination, use less meats in its meals, and fish will be bought from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for their sustainable fishing practices.


The farm-to-plane menu (playing on the popularity of the farm-to-table movement) will be introduced later this year, available to suites customers on selected routes. From there, it will gradually be rolled out to passengers in other classes.

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