Seoul City To Offers Free Rides On Bad-Air Days

2017 July 04

The Seoul city government are offering free transportation rides on subways and buses during the days when fine dust level exceeds 50 micrograms per cubic meter and the following day is forecast to be ‘very bad’ with dust levels staying above 100㎍/㎥ for more than three hours.

This plan is said to start from July and to encourage drivers to keep their cars at home and use public transportation to help combat the worsening of air pollution. 


Seoul's fine dust is a growing threat to public health.


Other solutions are pledged such as providing free masks, obliging businesses to use eco-friendly construction equipment and strengthen diplomatic efforts to enhance communication with China.


Running public buses and subways free would cost the city administration 3.6 billion won a day. 


“But what’s more important than the city finance is the public health,” said Park.


Seoul and satellite areas Gyeongi Province and Incheon City can take emergency actions when conditions are equally bad. But Seoul will take independent actions in the capital by closing down public parking lots and enforcing odd-number drive during heavily pollutant days.

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