Best 6 Cafes And Restaurants To Dine In While In Nukus, Uzbekistan

Adrian Chew

2018 July 13

Want to explore more of Uzbekistan? Then, you should consider Nukus as your next destination. Nukus is the capital city of Karakalpakstan Republic. It is also the sixth largest city in Uzbekistan. There are many interesting tourist attractions around the city and it is time to discover them while on your vacation. Before visiting the various point of interests around Nukus, try some local dishes and have your meals at some of the unique cafes and restaurants in the city area. Read on and you will find, what to eat or drink while in this city. 



1) Neo Restaurant 



Wondering where to have your meals during the day or night? There is one restaurant you should look forward to. It is none other than Neo Restaurant. It is strategically located in the heart of the city center and finding it is not hard after all. Just book your reservation before you come here. 


Have a look at the picture of the restaurant above. The spacious dining area, modern furniture, bright lightings and modern interior décor will make you feel welcome and comfortable while dining in. At anytime, the central hall here can accommodate up to 120 diners. Choose from a wide range of desserts and soups. The Uzbek and European cuisines at Neo Restaurant are of high standards. Among the popular dishes to try are, Turkish meat meal, chakhokhbili, kuk-si soup. 


You can even have fun with billiards on-site. If you come in time for dinner, sit back and relax to enjoy the live music at the restaurant. Do not forget to order your drinks from the bar. You can choose from different types of drinks. 


Address: Nukus, Uzbekistan 


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(10am-11pm) 


2) Asiana Restaurant & Bar 



Still feeling hungry after having your meals? Do not worry as there are plenty to eat while you are In Nukus. Move on to the next eatery in the city. Look for Asiana Restaurant & Bar. The food and drinks are worth trying after all. 


Fancy eating in a modern restaurant & bar while on vacation? Want to quench your thirst with the cocktails here? Book your reservations in advance and in no time you will be at Asiana Restaurant & Bar enjoying meals with your buddies, family members or kids. The meat platters and meat dishes are definitely a must if you plan to eat here. You can choose from various meats. Among them are beef, mutton, horse, chicken and many others. 


If you need recommendations for your lunch or dinner, reach out to the staff and they can recommend to you. As always, the bartender will be at the bar, if you need to order your cocktails or other drinks. With a cosy atmosphere, you can have your meals just like home. The seating area, interior décor and bright lightings at the restaurant will make your dining experience even more memorable. 


Address: Nukus, Uzbekistan 


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(10am-11pm) 



3) Cinnamon Coffee & Pastry 



In need of additional options when comes to eating out? Looking for something different during teatime? Time to come with your kids to a café. This particular café is more than just unique. You can relax, surf the Internet or just have a cup of coffee on a hot afternoon. 


One of the top cafes in Nukus is the one above. Curious to find out more, then Google your way to Cinnamon Coffee & Pastry. It is not just favourite among locals but also foreign tourists. Kids will definitely want to get hold of the macarons and cakes here. They are not just tempting but also mouth-watering. On top of that, the salads, burgers, pizzas, pasta, ice-cream and fries need to be on your ordering list too. 


Share the food with your kids or with your family members. Most of the food portions are indeed large. If you prefer something traditional, opt for Uzbek food. Also, do not forget to order your drinks. Soft drinks are suitable for kids. When comes to coffee, cappuccino, espresso and cinnamon are some of the well-known ones at this café. 


Address: Nukus, Uzbekistan 


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(10am-10pm)



4) Argo Café 


For budget travelers and backpackers, finding an eatery without breaking the bank sometimes is a hard choice. Good thing, there is one cafeteria that serves excellent food and it is value for money too. Google your way to Argo Café and get ready to munch the food here. 


The best time to come is in the morning or before noon time. You can savour salads and a wide range of food while dining in. If you need something quick to eat, then Argo Café is the ideal choice. It is not like other eateries nearby or around Nukus as, you can served yourself with the food you want. Also, you do not need to browse through the menu since most of the menus are in Uzbek language. 


Get a seat at the outdoor seating area and enjoy your food on your perfect holidays. 


Address: 6, Qaraqalpaqstan, Nukus, Uzbekistan


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(10am-10pm)



5) Bellagio Restaurant & Bar


Not sure where to go for late supper or dinner? Want to be part of the nightlife scene of Nukus? Put aside your worries and book your reservations at Bellagio Restaurant & Bar. This Uzbek restaurant is among the crowd favourite in Nukus and there are no reasons, why you should not come here. 


The Italian coffee is a must while you dine in here. It is highly recommended by diners. Just sit back and enjoy your Uzbek dishes while at Bellagio Restaurant & Bar.  You can get the feel of the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant while savouring various dishes. All the seating areas are not just attractive but also comfortable. You will imagine yourself at a restaurant or bar, located in a hotel. 


Plov, manti, lag'mon and tandir kabob are some of traditional Uzbek dishes you need to have while at Nukus. Kindly refer to the staff on duty for other dishes as well. For recommendations, you can always ask the staff at Bellagio Restaurant & Bar too. 


Address: 9, Karakalpakstana Street, Nukus, Uzbekistan 


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(9.30am-11pm)



6) Kafe Barakat 



Lastly, consider Kafe Barakat as you preferred eatery. Try not to underestimate this café. The façade of the café is not important as the food and drinks here are what that matters. Located in a strategic area in Nukus, Kafe Barakat is a good place to have meat dishes and kebabs. 


Take your kids or family members out for lunch and dinner. Apart from the meat dish above, you will also want to try he grilled meat, kebabs, shashlik as well as others. Find out more about drinks while dining in at Kafe Barakat. The food will definitely impress you and you will be more than happy to try different types of meat while you are here. Take note of the address or ask the locals for direction to Kafe Barakat. 


Address: 143, Tamerlane Street, Nukus, Uzbekistan 


Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday(9am-10pm) 


You need to see more of Uzbekistan this summer. The only way to do so is to either book a tour and travel solo. Recently, Lonely Planet ranked this country as the second must visit destination in Asia and there are no reasons, why you should come here. Nukus is not just like other cities and you will be more than happy to tour the city with your family or kids. Start with a tour of various eateries in the city center, then move on the places of interests nearby. Of course, do not forget to book your accommodations early, before coming here. 

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