Delicious dumplings around C.K.S. Memorial Hall area in Taipei!

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2016 December 11

Everyone that wants dumplings in Taipei would probably head to Din Tai Fun but I think the very best ones happens to be in the C.K.S. Memorial Hall area and the place is called Sheng Yuan. The name of this family has quite a story since they started long time ago as a small breakfast shop.

The head of the family suddenly died and so the rest of them decided to continue the father's legacy and today they put up a great restaurant, just around the corner of the very famous dumplings place mentioned above but this didn't seem to slow the business.

Shengyuan XiaoLongBao looks very clean and nice, making it a great place for a date too but most of it the hand made steamed dumplings with mushrooms are just excellent. Each portion contains eight dumplings. I seriously never tried anything like this, they were melting in my mouths. 

There is also a corner with a selection of classic side dishes and an area for your all you can drink olong hot tea and water. 

I highly recommend to try the onion pancake too but most of all as a great surprise that came to me as dessert: the reb bean paste sesame pancake ( the whole thing for only 120 NTD ) ! The pictures below doesn't give justice but this was another thing that is simply out of this world.

If you are not vegetarian you definitely have more choices anyway:  tender sliced beef with scrambled eggs, braised fish slice in brown sauce, pineapple shrimps with mayonnaise, hot pot with beef and tomato, but I suggest to check further more on their website that has also english translation.

Do yourself a favor and for once do not just go to the most famous one and follow my advice! You won't regret it and you will be 100% satisfied ! 

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